1. The Voyager

    Jenny Lewis



    Jenny Lewis

    "The Voyager"

    from the 2014 album The Voyager

  2. Do I Want To Know?


    Do I Want To Know? - CHVRCHES

    Crawlin’ back to you

    Happy Cover Friday!

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  3. shalabh7:

    Departure (feat. Bry Beautiful)

    Nice vocals. Nice beats. And I forgot how I stumbled on this one.

  4. Secondhand Gunsmoke - your old droog

    Underground hip hop that name drops Captain Beefhart at :25!

  5. "Soft-spoken A.C. Newman doesn’t seem like a braggart. Yet he feels so strongly that his rock band, the New Pornographers, has just made its best work that a simple good review won’t do. “I haven’t seen any negative reviews,” Newman said. “But I find myself getting pissed off at reviews that I don’t think are positive enough.”"

    Wealth of riches fuels rock band New Pornographers

  6. Durutti Shores - Lemonade

  7. Pink Rabbits - Strand of Oaks (orig. by The National)

    Back to back Fridays of me posting a cover of this great National track.  Enjoy.

  8. charliek:

    @lildickytweets - lemme freak.
    hilarious, and def nsfw

  9. Flake Music - Spanway Hits - When You Land Here, It’s Time to Return

    Before James Mercer and the Shins were the Shins, they were Flake Music. They are re-releasing their 1997 album (again).  Still good.

  10. matadorrecords:

    The New Pornographers - “War On The East Coast” (footage courtesy CBC, “First Play Live”)

    Dig the Dan Bejar performance here, and how he just disappears at the end of this video.

  11. britpopandlock:

    Paul Westerberg in 1987 (above) and 2014 (below). Some things never change.

  12. Sober

    Childish Gambino



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  13. First Time Vance Joy

    First Time - Vance Joy

    First times always cut the deepest

  14. She Wants - Sunset Sons

    Tons of good stuff coming out of Vagrant Records lately.

  15. "Who is U2 and why they weak ass music on my phone"

    Who is U2?

    Lots of great tweets there.