1. david-noel:

    Nobel | The River’s Rise

    Turn it up, tap your feet, and embrace the fall (as in the season).

    Listen to the full EP here.

    David with a bright and cheery track for a Monday morning.  (And congrats to him on the half-marathon, yesterday.)

  2. Steppin' Out

    Joe Jackson


    Joe Jackson Steppin’ Out

  3. Thought I Told Ya - T. Rice

  4. Eye of the Tiger - The Rural Alberta Advantage (orig. by Survivor)

    Because an ABBA cover wasn’t enough from the RAA.

  5. Middle Finger Rap - Choosey

    Good stuff here.

  6. In The Rising Sun (feat. Laura Lee Bishop) - Mike Doughty - Stellar Motel

    Stellar Motel sort of plays like a record label sampler, because Mike features so many collaborations and styles.  So it’s sometimes disjointed, but the good ones, like this track, make it rewarding.

  7. Put Your Number In My Phone

    Ariel Pink


    Put Your Number In My Phone // Ariel Pink

  8. The Light In The Addict - Party Supplies w/ Action Bronson and Black Atlass

    Party Supplies crossing over to some hip-hop.  Dig it.

  9. Diamonds - Common (feat. Big Sean)

  10. Sweet Talkin' Woman

    The New Pornographers

    Sweet Talkin’ Woman - The New Pornographers (orig. by ELO)

    This is from last month in Toronto.  The New Pornos covering ELO warms my heart.

    (mp3 from this video here.)

  11. Romance and Adventure - Allo Darlin’ - We Come From the Same Place

    New album out this week from this indie pop outfit.  This track feels like a mix of R.E.M. and Belle and Sebastian, which is right up my alley.

  12. charliek:

    documentary on the postal service - everything will change. looks good

  13. Hates My Boozin’ - Peter Bibby

    Spinning Top, my favorite record label from down under, describe this chap as a “naughty bastard with a heart of gold and a voice of rotting grapes.”  How can you top that?

  14. Wishing Well

    Screaming Females


    Screaming Females - Wishing Well

  15. When My Train Pulls In - Gary Clark, Jr. (live)

    I really need to see him in person someday.